Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Living with Inbox by Gmail

Day 1

So far Inbox has enabled me in getting my email in order. Initial thing of note are the brilliant snooze feature. This has allowed me to snooze an email about an order from Amazon that was delivered to work but I forgot to take home. I snoozed it until I got to work, yes, you're able to snooze by location which is an immensely useful feature and seemingly works perfectly - I now have the order I forgot yesterday, sat on my desk ready to take home, brilliant!

Inbox makes it easier to get emails out of your face either in bulk or individually. I naturally found myself compelled to click the tick that archives the email - this isn't as easy in Gmail since you have to have opened the email first or select it from...yawn! Click the tick and you're done.

I particularly like the way that the web app is a single page app. There's no opening emails and being taken to a different page - the email just expands in the window you're in, taking full advantage of the full width app. That's right folks, there no pesky permanent side bars taking up valuable space.

Which leads me on to the design. Obviously inspired by Google's new Material Design guidelines it's an immensely clean interface with pop-out menu's when you need them. Clean, simple and user-friendly.

So, that's day one. So far, I like it. More to come...