Saturday, 7 December 2013

Problem streaming DLNA content on XBOX ONE?

After owning an XBOX 360 for many years I've grown quite fond of the interface and the platform Microsoft has built in XBOX Live. My XBOX plays a huge part in our family's entertainment and with all the features XBOX ONE brings to the table I went ahead and ordered the Day One Edition.

One of the most common features we take advantage of is streaming DLNA content from our home server. Yes the method of accessing that content has changed somewhat with XBOX ONE but personally I prefer it. The Nexus 7 is a great companion device! Recently we encountered a problem streaming this content and for whatever reason the XBOX disappeared from the list of available receivers. I scratch my head over this issue for a day or so - it was shutdown and restarted a number of times to no avail, or so I thought. I'd totally forgotten that I'd set the XBOX up to sleep - to enable the 'XBOX On' voice command. This prevents the XBOX for shutting down completely and thus doesn't fully close down any applications, including XBOX Video, which is used to play the DLNA content.

I wanted to document my experience with the possibility of helping someone with the solution. Given the situation explained above, to solve this issue turn the XBOX off and disconnect the power. Once reconnected turn the XBOX back and you see it run through the full boot-up routine. This will confirm to you that the XBOX and all application would have been shut down fully.

When you attempt to stream DLNA content again, all being well it should work normally. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any damage or further problems that may occur as a result of performing the actions explained in this post. Actions taken with your property are your own responsibility. That said, I hope the information provided helps!