Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Just one reason why I don't like/use Facebook!

It is extremely rare I even look at Facebook, let alone share or just use it. Yes, I have an account and it does have a fair amount of content on it from my University days. Now, it's a site I rarely frequent.

My girlfriend on the other hand likes to pop the odd photo up there and generally peruse her friends comments and make the odd comment herself. Like this past weekend, for example, our cat was making a humorous pose so she decided to take a photo and post it on Facebook.

As you're probably aware Facebook has a little feature akin to Google+'s re-post feature and Twitters retweet feature - called share. Aptly named, it allows someone who can see your post to share said post on their 'wall'. When someone took advantage of this feature and shared the photo of our cat it got me to thinking:

"Hang on! What if your privacy settings stipulate that you only want your friends to have access to your content?"

I conducted a little research, as my girlfriends privacy settings DO stipulate that only her friends can see her content. There appears to be no way to control if anyone can share your content like there is on Google+. Google+ gives you the option to 'lock' posts to prevent anyone from passing your content on. So, if someone was to see her content and either 'like' it, 'share' it or anything else possible to have said content feature on their 'wall' those privacy setting become null and void, totally useless, pointless, FAKE!

It seems Facebook have a very different opinion on what the word privacy actually means or they've had their ass kicked and decided to implement a half assed solution. My advice is, if you want to share something with your friends and still maintain control over your property - invite them round for a drink or dinner, then show them. Don't use something like Facebook!