Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Competency based interview techniques

Recently I've been invited for interview with a number of prospective employers. I always find interviews highly stressful to the point where once the interview is over I end up with a severe head-ache. However, in preparation for my most recent interview I adopted a method called the STAR technique.

Rather than repeat what can be found on the internet in the matter of seconds I urge you to check this link out: http://www.interview-skills.co.uk/competency-based-interviews-STAR.aspx

Briefly, it helps you break down your example to a particular question (see here for what a competency based interview is: http://www.wikijob.co.uk/wiki/competency-based-interview) into meaningful categories. These categories, in turn, help you structure your reply and give a more rounded answer.

After the actual interview I still felt a little groggy but no head ache! Hoora! Honestly, though, it made me feel more confident in the interview and I now feel I gave the best I could. At your next interview, why not give it a go - maybe it would work in non-competency based interviews too!

Oh, and of course, GOOD LUCK!